Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday!

It is officially week #6, but I'm dropping the number from my title this week, because every Wednesday from now on will be Gratitude Wednesday!

1- I'm really grateful for Wednesdays, because it gets me to blog a bit. lol. It seems as though we've been so busy lately that I haven't been tracking our experiences here, like I really do love to do. I know this will shift. In the mean time, I've been really grateful for connecting here on Wednesdays.

2- Patience. Patience and I have come a long way baby! It's amazing to me that I don't have to react when things around me are crazy. I can stay connected to what is going on AND stay present and calm. I'm loving that choice!

3- I'm grateful for the wonderful friends that Kathrynn has. It has made our unschooling life very full and rich, because of these amazing connections that she's made. And lets face it, its given me some nice mama connections, and also time when I can do things for myself.

4- I'm grateful for my wee little hoop garden in the back, growing some yummy fall/winter greens for my family. It's magical and amazing to see them grow, when the weather outside their home is cold. :)

5- Perseverance. I'm grateful for my perseverance- without it I would be an insane and stagnant being. With it, i push on in uncovering my triggers, integrating my past, and authentically Be. <3

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