Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Camping joy!!!

Our first camping trip!
Some may be shocked that I have never taken Kathrynn camping before...... Believe me, I've been waiting patiently for the experience! And I also decided that I knew it had to be when Kathrynn was truly interested and ready. :)

When Uncle John asked me if we'd like to go, I talked with Kathrynn about it and she was so excited! Our opportunity had come!

Kathrynn had a lot of fun helping to set up the tent. It was a wonderful location that John had scouted out for us. We were situated on a little peninsula and so could basically see water from 3 sides. Behind our tent were acres of trees, that led to the lake. It was peaceful and not busy at all so we had lots of land to ourselves!

Kathrynn built a fairy house the first afternoon we were there, and visited it a few times during our stay. Because the trees had no leaves, we could see her visiting this special place from our camp site. :)

The head lamp was a big hit.....
As was the picnic table on its end.... lots of climbing opportunities!

The comforts from home...... Great for Kathrynn, and great for John and I. :P

Kathrynn was really excited about having a fire. She worked hard at helping John with all the necessary branches and leaves, ect, and then helped him set up the fire.
They did a great job! It provided some lovely "hippy tv" for us.....

as well a way to roast some marshmallows!

I love the shots with and without flash. :)

Good morning! Kathrynn was hiding behind me. :)
Note the hat- it was in the high 30s or low 40s that morning!

With the sun out, it quickly warmed up, and we spent a few hours playing various games, including I-Spy Bingo. :)

Kathrynn spotted this hawks nest near our camp site.... We saw the mom and dad hawk, and are pretty sure that's who woke us up that morning!

After we got our site torn down and packed, we headed to the beach. Kathrynn is facing the peninsula where we'd stayed the night before.

We had so much fun on our first trip! I am so glad that John asked us if we wanted to go, and also glad that the weather was perfect for camping!


  1. How fun! So great the weather is warming up for outdoor activities. You guys are too funny bringing the DVD player camping. Looks like she really enjoyed her first camping trip.

  2. The dvd players was a great idea and i'm so glad i thought of it. gave kathrynn an opportunity to watch a movie we'd just gotten from the library, and allowed my brother and i to enjoy some time by the fire. :)