Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Comic joy!

Kathrynn came home last week from a friends house with comics in hand- comics she had made! This was new for us, and became something she and i started to do together. :)

When a friend came over last weekend, they decided to make some comics, and then sell them the next day at a comic stand! This is exactly what they did. :)

I have to admit that I was thinking to myself, ohhhh I really don't think they're going to sell any comics..... And I started to feel a bit anxious about how Kathrynn would feel if she didn't sell any comics. Then I realized, if anyone could sell comics, it would be Kathrynn and her friend Virginia! And I decided not to worry about it any more.
Sure enough, within minutes, I rounded the corner of our yard, to see this:
They were making their first sale!!!!

They were so very proud of themselves!

They had great selling tactics, which at times included holding Kathrynn's guinea pigs as an enticement for people to stop! :)

It didn't take long for them to sell out of their comics, and so back to work they went!!!
They sold nearly all their comics, and then decided to sell some stuffed animals too....

We decided to walk to the park near our house, and the girls tried to sell their remaining comic there, and a few stuffed animals, with no luck. It was a beautiful day and everyone was too busy playing! They were satisfied with their sales for the day- $8!- and had fun in the park. :)

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