Thursday, March 11, 2010

Garden is planted!

After a series of days with lovely temperatures, we decided it was time to plant! We were inspired on the warmest day of the year, so far, which was Yesterday. I think it hit the low 70s!!!! It was so warm that Kathrynn got *hot* and had to go inside. lol!!!!

We planted more spinach and more kale to supplement the spinach and kale we already have growing. And then we added 3 kinds of lettuces, collards, broccoli and beets. Yes, we really do love greens in our family. :)

We'll do some more planting once the weather gets warmer.... some herbs in some planters, and then watermelon and pumpkins by the fence like we did last year, i think. And then maybe some cucumbers this year too.

We've joined a CSA again this year, so that feels like a good balance of what we'd like to have on our land, knowing that we'll also get yummy local veggies from a local organic farm. :)

I have a feeling by Monday, we'll see little sprouts coming up, and our already growing spinach and kale and arugula will be on our plates for dinner. :)

Pictures forthcoming of course. xoxo

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