Sunday, March 21, 2010

More library joy :)

I have sung the praises for our local library before, and I'm back to do it again!

The children's department closed for 3ish months, and were we so happy to see all the changes they'd done!

I didn't get many shots of the changes, although here a shot of Kathrynn putting on a puppet show using the new puppet show frame they had in the play room.

What actually brought us to the library that day was a program on birds. Our library offers so many great programs! This program was on birds and included a craft of making a bird feeder!

The woman leading the class did such a great job talking about birds and their habitat, and how we can help protect their natural habitats.

She even led some fun bird yoga!!!

Kathrynn went up to help with a demonstration of how birds and the land and trees co-exist together. :)

And here she is working on making the bird feeder, which now is in a tree in our back yard! :)

I have so much appreciation and love for our local library! :)

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