Sunday, November 23, 2008

Creative Joy continues!

Kathrynn seems be going through a rather abundant period of creative wizardry! She is really into drawing pictures of all kinds, and her latest most recent obsession has been planning out performances- usually plays.

All this week we have been working on a play she wants to put on with the involvement of friends. It has really been a learning process for me, as I have done my best to support and partner with Kathrynn to really help her tap into this wonderful creativity she is feeling, all the while balance out the various realities that she can not anticipate or understand. :)

We have gone through multiple levels of the planning stages, each involving wonderful conversations between the two of us. After much deliberation, and amazing amounts of flexibility on her behalf, we found a wonderful outlet for the performance of her play at our friend Yonit's house, where we went today.

Here are the main characters of her play:
A sunflower, a mouse, a butterfly, and a rabbit. :) Coincidentally, this is also the name of the play. :)

Kathrynn drew a picture of the main characters. (((Jazmine, our cat, is in the window watching the performance. :D ))))

Kathrynn's joy of this whole process has been in the strategy or creation of the "set-up" of the play- she's been really into designing set props, locations for the actors, where the audience will be sitting, tickets for the performance, and costumes. The details of the actual play have been insignificant to her. In fact, when we showed up at our friends house, we explained the characters of her play, and when her friends wanted to know what the story was, we explained that there was none as of yet!!! This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to have great ownership of the play, and the girls were very excited to give body and soul to the play. :)

Here are some pictures of the play, and a brief video clip. It was so wonderful to see and be a part of this process!

Here is the main stage of the play.... The girls had a fun time decorating!

Enter in the characters:
Kathrynn as the mouse,
Talya as the rabit,
Mitzi as the butterfly,
and their bear as the
sunflower :)

All in all , I think the play lasted about an hour, and morphed through various story plots which I'm not sure anyone could keep track of. :) The kids had a great time, and Yonit and I got to catch up a little bit. And little 1.5 year old Ilani got to watch a bunch of creative genius' at work. :)

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  1. HI, this so reminds me of our boys putting on a performance to sya goodbye when we were leaving Ireland. We had been staying with 2 families of unschoolers and all of the children joined together and put on a play in the yurk. It was magical as it looks was this one