Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today, mostly

So, this was not today. This was last night. I came home from my trip and Kathrynn was excited to show me her newest additions to her littlest pet shop collection. :)
She got them all together and posed. :P

And now on to.....today!
Tuesdays are a lot of fun for us.... Kathrynn loves going to story time which is followed by crafts at our local library. Today my friend Dani read a book to Kathrynn, Diego and Paolo (her kids), Nyah (another homeschooled kid), and Skye (Kt's homeschooled kid). I loved taking pictures of them lined up in a row, being read to by Dani. :)
This was my favorite picture of them. :)

Playing at our house later. :)

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