Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kathrynn was very intent on the both of us doing some painting this morning! We set everything up and went at it!

Kathrynn wanted some shots of both of our works in progress . :P

Kathrynn's all done and happy with her creation!!!!!

I'm done and feeling good about my creation, even though sometimes I feel like I don't have an artistic bone in my body. :P
Kathrynn had fun taking pictures of me painting. :)


  1. I am so boys never want an impromptu painting session. Left to their own devices, they'd probably play LEGOs all day inside, or, if outside, hang out with the chickens the whole time. If you see us doing anything artistic, it's because I instigated it. Your heart painting is really nice!

  2. Legos can be pretty creative if you ask me!!! Its great they have that kind of passion!
    And I also think its great that they love to hang w/ the chickens!
    I wish we had chickens. :P
    Thanks for your kind words :)