Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dada's weekend!

I was away for a couple days and Wes took some joyful pix from their weekend together!!!
She wasn't really in the picture mood, so she was doing quite a
bit of hiding.

Kathrynn took a few
wonderful shots herself, including one of Jazmine, our 13 year old cat, our two sweet guinea pigs, Puff and Nadine, and her sweet dada. :)


  1. What fun dad-daughter time! Your cat is beautiful; I love cats!

  2. We love cats too in our family!
    we want a russian blue for our next cat. :P

  3. My family shares my love for cats, but my oldest is pretty allergic to them and I hate to give him medication. We cat-sat one time for friends, which worked out fairly well, but it was only for one week, and we confined her to just upstairs so Bryce could hide out downstairs if he needed to.

    A Russian Blue would be gorgeous!