Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fabulous day with our friends :)

We had a wonderful day playing with our friends Kt and Skye yesterday at their house. Kt was wonderful enough to go into Skye's loft to play stuffed animal games with the girls.

Oh-oh, looks like Kt needs to take a break.....

Time to do some dress up..... Princess Kathrynn and Spidey Skye!

After some bootylitious dancing , it was time to take a break, chill out, and eat some ice. :P

Then the girls put on some finger puppet plays. Skye's show is on the left, and Kathrynn's is on the right. :)

Awwww I couldn't resist putting in this super sweet picture of Skye and her Mama. :)

We ended the day eating super yummy sushi. We ate our sushi while the girl drew pictures for each other. :)

Thanks friends for a great day!!!! :)

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