Thursday, March 26, 2009

am i strong enough??

I recently wrote a piece for an ezine about Kathrynn's birth. It focused on the idea of whether I was strong enough to go through the birthing process....... or more so, the concept that women go through this period of self doubt during childbirth....

Its an interesting process.... childbirth. but the concept-- am i strong enough-- does not end at childbirth...
in fact, it seems to linger..... throughout this WONDERFUL adventure called life. :)

I had a pretty intense day on monday, and that concept popped back into my head, rather strongly...... Am i strong enough to be the mother i want to be, the mother my child needs me to be, the mother my child deserves to have.....

Am i strong enough to be.... ME??!?!?

In short, YES!!!!!

I AM strong enough. Breathing continual breaths, staying in each moment, opening my eyes to Joy, being Present..... All these things allow me to be strong enough.

It is all good. It is all amazing. The good is the bad is the bad is the good. Its all of those things and none of those things. Its all good. Its all amazing.

and, I *am* strong enough.

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