Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Authentic Dentist Joy!

I am so grateful that authenticity is a high priority in our life! We have talked with Kathrynn about visiting the dentist many times over the years, and just when she thought she was interested in going she would change her mind. Each time this happened we respected her feelings regarding going to the dentist and postponed going. We trusted she would be ready in her own Time. And luckily, due to her genes or just plain luck, she's never had any major need of visiting a dentist before that time came.

About a month ago she decided she was ready! We set up an appointment time and she literally counted down the days! She had a GREAT visit! Her experience at the dentist was 100% positive.
I'm so glad we waited until she was ready and never pushed her to go before she was ready. :)

While at the appointment, she listened to the advice of the hygienist and dentist with interest, and once home she immediately began implementing what she'd learned!
Each morning, without me saying a thing, she has been brushing her teeth and flossing. She does the same thing each evening. After hearing war stories from other parents about "getting" their kids to brush their teeth, by force if necessary, I felt so blessed over how we have been able to avoid any power struggles and have a positive experience about her dental care.

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