Thursday, March 12, 2009

First warm days yeah!!!!!!

Seusspicious Behavior! We love our local library so much! They had a day of celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday. That was our first stop, where we met up w/ our friends Skye and Kt. Kathrynn had a ton of fun with all the activities, and esp. liked getting her face painted. Those face paintings remained on her cheeks for days! ;)

These are the "bears" outside our library, where the kids LOVE to play. Kathrynn was so excited in that she was able to climb up the smaller bear all by herself this year. I think i gave her a boost for the taller bear. :)

Then onward to a park, for soccer, scooting, and lots of fun. :)

The following day we went to our friends Rhonda and Virginia's house. Their sheep had just had a lamb a few days prior. Sooo cute!!!

The kids were ready for a boat ride on the lake, but the paddle boat had a ton of water in the back, so they settled for getting their suits on and hanging out in the paddle boat. :P

A couple days later was another amazing day of warmth!
We hit two parks that day- we are so grateful for the TONS of amazing parks Bloomington has to offer.

Ice cream seemed to be an appropriate way to end the day!

I'm SOOO glad our flexible lifestyle allows us to enjoy whatever Joy we choose! We spent those few warm days outside, and since then we've been back to winter temperatures.... BRRRRRRR!!!
Warm days, we'll be seeing you soon enough!!!! :)


  1. Simply a light hearted and warm blog. I felt so calm and happy reading good news. I came the way of Debbie's Home school blog.

    Chick J