Monday, March 2, 2009

More Star Wars Joy!

I am dumbfounded constantly by the amazing creativity that Star Wars has sparked with Kathrynn. Although she was ok playing by herself for short periods of time (SHORT) she now spends a lot of time through out the day playing out different scenes and making new scenes with her Star Wars characters.

Sometimes she creates these wonderfully creative sets that I simply LOVE! Many times the door is mostly closed, and so i am not able to get any good shots, but i'm able to listen in on the sound of her sweet voice. :)

This is one of my favorites, because she figure out how to simulate Hoth (sp?), one of the Star Wars Universe planets. She used baking soda for snow, as Hoth is covered with snow and ice. hehehe The baking soda wound up in the millennium falcon, which let to some problems, so for now Hoth is back to the world of the imagination. :)

I love these two pix also as they really show her creative sets. She set this up using a pillow against a wall to hold the flashlight in place, and then had the flashlight shine down on the scene. I don't recall the scene, but it was super neat for me to see. She often uses flashlights in play. :)

In the corner is the stadard plate of food that she nibbles from while playing. :P


  1. I swear flashlights make play 100 times more fun!

  2. What awesome toys! I love watching my 5-year-old having imaginary plays with different kinds of figures. Anything will do -- actual toy figures, game pieces, pictures in books ... What a fun age!

  3. wow its a cool spaceship and make more please

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