Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs of Spring!

Cascades Park and Kite flying :)

But first! Some flowers outside our house. Kathrynn has been watching these slowly bloom, and was so excited to take some pictures. :)

Cacades Park with our friends.

I love this picture! As I took this picture Kathrynn was saying how happy she was to be wading through the creek. It made me fill with joy as I watched her in her joy. :)

At our friend Dani's house- our first kite flying of the season!

Our friend Skye flying the kite!
K was so excited to get that kite up in the air!

It was a bit difficult for her to figure out how to run, then stop and let the line out.... maybe next time we'll figure out how to coordinate that. No matter, it was all PERFECT!!!!!!

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