Monday, March 16, 2009

Scaly Tailz Reptiles and Amphibians at the library!

I'm always singing praises of our library, for the wonderful programing they have!
We went to an event today that was so wonderful!
The day started off with a bit of sadness, as her Grandma Jane was leaving to go back to florida, and her gymnastics class had been canceled due to spring break.
But this event really helped with the transition, and was thoroughly enjoyed by kathrynn every second!!!

Kathrynn loves just about every animal- nothing seems to scare her- especially not snakes or lizards! She pet every animal that was talked about. :)

Leopard Fat tailed Gecko....
Bearded Dragon Lizard
Hrm, a tiny little snake that I can't remember.....
I'm not remembering the kind of snake this was either!
Sweet turtle at the end. :)

Thanks library and Scaly Tailz!!! :)

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  1. Lisa - I am so glad to hear how much you and your daughter enjoyed our presentation at the Monroe County Public Library! The tiny little snake was Harley, a Western Hognose Snake. The next snake was Slinky, a Rosy Boa (he was my very first snake, and is going strong still, at over 10 years old!). The turtle was Yertle (I think it's Yertle, either that or it's Mr. T, lol), a Russian Tortoise. Hope to see you and your daughter at another demo sometime! We will be at Wonderlab the First Friday in August.


    Scaly Tailz