Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ostara Joy!

Kathrynn LOVES ritual!
She's been celebrating Spring Equinox since she as long as she can remember, and often talks about her egg hunt when she was 2 (she's watched the video of that about a GAJILLION times ;) )

We usually take a leisurely two days for our seasonal holidays. On Ostara day we had a lovely dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants,, and then Kathrynn went to the UU for a wonderfully intimate Ostara ritual. Kathrynn banished fear of pain, and welcomed good health.... and we planted flower seeds into our wishes for the year. It was a wonderful ceremony. :)

Kathrynn continues to love Star Wars, and has been asking for a Jar Jar Binks and an Naboo fighter plane, so this was her Ostara present. Boy was she excited!!!!!!!!

The next day was a day filled with beautiful Sun, planting activities, and lots of Eggs!

She and wes were busy most of the morning putting together our square foot gardening boxes ( She was very proud and excited over their accomplishments. :)
I joined into help and then got busy planting some more seeds. :)

Later in the afternoon I hid the plastic eggs that I had filled with yummy snacks, as is our tradition every year. :) I LOVE this part of Ostara, because it fills kathrynn with such innocent Joy. It was super cute watching her find the various eggs hidden around our yard. I took a video of her looking for the last egg, which eluded her for quite some time. ;)

Then i couldn't resist taking some video of her opening the eggs for their hidden treasures. :)

After that we moved onto dying eggs and decorating them. Unfortunately by this point I had realized that something was horribly amiss with my back, and i was experiencing a lovely pinching sensation in my lower back. But I did get a few good pictures before I retired to the bed. :)

I'm so grateful for Spring finally getting here, and it was a wonderful celebration to welcome her in!

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