Monday, March 16, 2009

Early Happy St. Patricks day to ya!
Here is where we spent last Saturday, for their annual Medieval St Patrick’s Day celebration!
This is our third year going, and it gets better every year. Kathrynn is always interested in the fighting and music, and often is interested in the various games they have there. But with each year she has more interest, and more patience and more Presence.

This year she watched the various fighters, watched the musicians, played a couple games of chess and some other games, and participated in a Celtic dance!

Kathrynn decided that I should do the dance too, and it was particularly funny for me as i forgot my belt that day and my pants were folded over to keep them from falling off. So I was hoping that during this dance they would not slide down, although my husband was hoping they would. :X I should also mention that while i knew my husband would be watching my butt swish back and forth ( and i accentuated my movements for his benefit!) I did NOT know he was video taping the dance. So I guess its saying something (although I do not know what!) that i'm actually posting it here. :P

The first round of chess.....
The wonderful musicians!

More chess!
And some chinese checkers too.... :P
Onto some fighting.... and Wes and Kathrynn saw some archery too.....

And a still of one of the celtic dances!

A great day! :)

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