Thursday, April 23, 2009

A day at the library.....

Oh how i love our library!!!!!
This past week we spent over 5 hours there- we went for our usual Tuesday story time, which led into play time, computer time, play time, reading time, playyyyyy time.......

The children's head librarian is so great with the kids. He uses wonderful puppets that they absolutely adore. He began this week's story time with juggling. :)

I got there a second too late as two of the kids had already gotten to the other side... but it was a fun site to see all our friends lined up as they had discovered a new game. :P

Kathrynn spent a LONG time putting these mats together to form a house for herself.....

Then she found different ways to interact w/ her new house. :)

One of the volunteers did crafts with her- kathrynn had such a great time coloring different pictures and making different things. :)

Yeah for our library!!!! :) <3

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  1. We are so lucky to have such a high quality public library! It's tons better than the one in the 'burbs of Vancouver where my sister lives, and they probably have more people there.