Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Eckhart Tolle yumminess.....

Eckhart Tolle
Touching the Eternal
(India Retreat 2002)

And then you see how addictive thought is.

It's not easily renounced.

It comes back!

In waves, thought waves come back, and what can you do?

You watch thought waves come may get drawn in, lost in thought again, until you come out, and presence is there...for a moment.

You're awake, alert, and then another thought wave comes.

And you may still be there as the witness of the thought wave, not totally taken over, in which case, it subsides quickly.

If you get totally drawn in, it may linger much longer.

Now, this isn't something that we are trying to's something we are allowing to happen. If you get into the position of trying to do it, it becomes problematic again, and the 'me' comes back in.

We are not trying to become free of thought, but the state of presence is emerging already and wants to emerge.

We simply allow that to emerge...we cooperate with it.

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