Monday, April 13, 2009

My Sweet Grandmother :)

Mimi, 94 years young!!!! It was wonderful spending 3 and a half days with her. :)

We spent a lot of time playing cards. Mimi taught me how to play cards from a VERY young age. The minute I'd wake up we'd play cards, until I had to go to school. Then the minute I got home we'd resume. We played all sorts of games- war, spite and malice, rummy, 500, crazy 8s.......
I seemed to have a lucky streak, and she told me that when I turned 21 she would take me to Las Vegas, which she did. :)

We played cards every night before we went to bed, sometimes until we were both yawning and barely awake. :)

You might notice the pennies there...... We played a long time with out them. In fact, I went on a crazy winning streak and she remarked that if we were playing for money I'd be rich! Well, we went and got our pennies to introduce a little cash to the situation. ;)
I referred to each penny as a $100 bill, and we had lots of laughs over that. :)
At one point she only had 2 pennies from the original 10 pennies she'd started with, but by the end of the weekend, things evened out and we were each left with our original 10 pennies. What were the odds of that?!

Once morning came and we were all ready for the day, we resumed the card playing!!!! :)

Some beautiful roses I got on behalf of my Mom for Mimi. :)

We also played some Bingo, with neither of us winning. But we had a great time. :)

I also enjoyed "our" brief nap times, as I got some lovely reading in during those times. :)

Most of the pictures of the two of us were taken by me reaching my arm way out and hoping for a good angle. :P

Luckily I brought the camera to the communal dining room and was able to get some kind folks to take some wonderful shots for us. :)

I love you Mimi!!!! :)


  1. You are both so lucky to have each other! I miss my grandmother (paternal) very much.

  2. I remember playing cards with my grandmothers. Good memories.