Sunday, April 19, 2009

The small things that transport me into Now.

It never ceases to amaze me just how *wonderful* my child is to me. She is no "easy" child- i've talked about it before..... she's full of energy and passion, feels things LARGELY, at times can get "stuck," and is *always* amazing. :) Clearly NO bias here!

Sometimes it is the tiniest things that allow me to have Presence with her..... looking at her eye lashes, or how the day old dirt sits here and there on her face, seeing a new 'something' on her face somewhere..... I *study* this daughter of mine, because i am SO in love with her. It is as if my eyes just eat her up.

When I am feeling out of balance.... triggered.... I look into her eyes, i look at her face, ALL around her face..... and I find that suddenly i am transported into Now, and am Calm and Present.

This occurs with *listening* to her as well..... How DO our kids develop their accents and pronunciations? You got me on this one! Kathrynn was speaking with a New York City accent from age two. I couldn't quite get it.... I am not from there, and neither is Wes. Was she pulling through time and space to my grandparents, who lived in NY for a long time? Or even my father, who can fall into a NY accent on demand....

I was listening to her yesterday.... really listening as the words were coming out of that beautiful, sweet mouth (while watching, yes, i'm alway watching those cute lips)..... And yes, i was listening to the content.;) But i was also listening ot the pronounciation- S's that would give a speach therapist something to pounce on. R's that move this way and that way, depending on the word. The accent is a bit all over the place. And it amazes me. It amazes me that this little being that was once inside me, has grown up and is pontificating on this and that....

That voice, those words- not their content, but their Being- transport me into Now. The ouchie on her forehead, or the old scab on her chin.... BOOM, my eyes are Open and i'm Present.

I take it all in, and i am amazed that these things touch my heart in wonderment and glee. I am grateful that they have this affect on me..... That my eyes and ears can bring me back to unconditional Love, Being, and Present......

mmmm... its All good. :)


  1. You know, it's a gift to be able to really see things, and those of us who aren't born with that gift, we need to really practice to do it well. I definitely need a lot more practice. :}

    Very cute about K's New Yawk accent!

  2. well, my husband would agree that details are often not my "thing", but i'm working on it. :)

  3. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job at it. I'm much farther behind than you...