Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More of our happenings :)

I love uploading our pictures and looking through to see what we've been up to over the days.....
Our days have continued to be fairly intense, but the intense moments always seem to be balanced out with moments of wonderful joy. :)

K is so excited about all that she is learning in gymnastics. she loves for me to take pictures and videos of her doing back bends and cartwheels. :)

Polka dot kid! :)
A cute baby goat was at UU one day.... kathrynn had a wonderful time cuddling with this kid. :)

We went to lake griffey a day before spring took a brief nap- so glad we were able to enjoy the warm weather. :)

K really wants to be able to go out on a kayak like her uncle john does..... one of these days!! :)

Doing some planting in the square foot gardening planter wes built. Luckily we have a nice frame that we have been able to cover up with the cold weather!

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