Friday, April 3, 2009

Trust, Presence, Listening.....

This entery was prompted by the Daily Groove I found in my email In box from Scott Noelle, which you will find at the bottom. :)

Its been an intense week for my family. Wes has his work dramas, I've been going through some rather intense internal changes and Kathrynn has been going through her own intensities. I don't know if its food allergies (i've just learned that something she's been eating daily contains a high amount of gluten- which she responds to if she gets too much off), or if its just her own internal shifts....
It all is almost TOOOOO much for me!!!!!!

Luckily i have wonderful support systems in my life- wonderful friends and some invaluable yahoo groups keep me targeted on what is important in my life and for my own growth.

There are three things that i've been really focusing on....

Trust, Presence, Listening.....
They are all interlinked and work together- ie, I have a hard time listening when i am not present. :)

Trust- I trust that it is all perfect, as it is playing out. It may not "seem" perfect, if i have my controling glasses on. But if i have my "expansive" glasses on I see that there is way more then meets the eye, and everything has its purpose. :) As Byron Katie would say, Loving what IS.

Presence- To be still enough, unconditionally watching and Being. This stillness allows me to just BE. Sometimes that means feeling love and joy, and sometimes it means feeling agitaion or frustration. But if i am present, then i can feel things things w/o reaction. I can choose not to attach a reaction to that emotion or to the "story" that I have in my mind. Being Present allows me to love and connect with K more then anything. :)

Listening- Listening to what is triggering me... to what "story" i am playing out in my mind.... and then seperating from that story. After all, it is *just* a story. Questioning those stories that lead to yuchy feelings leads me to Freedom.
Lately one of the stories that i've been questioning is that I am responsible for my families happiness and health. Another story that i'm deconstructing is that happiness and health are interdependent. I am trying to be Present enough to Listen to when these stories pop up, and then Trust enough in my process.

I love this unschooling life, as it motivates me to keep pulling at the layers and layers and layers.... Joy and Freedom are always the end result. :)

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Leading-edge Parenting Requires Faith ::

Parenting on the leading edge -- nonviolently,
unconditionally, creatively -- is an act of faith.

There's no guarantee that it will "work," and
there's no shortage of naysayers who are quick
to tell you it will NOT work.

Blind faith is believing what others tell you, but
*authentic faith* is trusting your Inner Guidance,
a.k.a. intuition, inspiration, instincts, or gut

For this style of parenting to work, you have to
(a) stay checked in with your Guidance, (b) follow
it, and (c) accept that it takes *time* for inner
changes to be reflected in outer conditions
(including children's behavior).

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for those
outer changes. You can practice the Art of
Unconditionality and enjoy parenting now!

Feel free to forward this message to your friends!
(Please include this paragraph and everything above.)
Copyright (c) 2009 by Scott Noelle

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