Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PHEW!!! loveliness abounds....

I've said a few times that things have been kinda intense around here lately.....
Which makes you appreciate the wonderful, easy flowing days like today!!!!

K and i had a nice and easy morning, and then our friend Zoe came over, who K hadn't played with for awhile. They had such a wonderful time, and this mama was able to breath many sighs of relief!!!

I hated to bother them w/ the camera, but i did get two shots during a period of them playing dress up. :)


They spent the day (5 hours!!!!) doing all sorts of things.... playing various games, coloring, playing outside, playing w/ our wonderful guinea pigs, and last but not least eating yummy local organic bacon and some super yummy popcorn that i made in coconut oil. YUM!!!!
Oh, i forgot about the tickle game--- these two girls LOVE it when i play the tickle monster! They squeal with delight as i tickle them, and then figure out ways to capture me and tickle me.

What a wonderful day!!! :)

Blessed Be!

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